Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland Resolutions 2014

    By Kilsally,
    Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland Resolution 2014


    We, the Orangemen and women of the County Grand Orange Lodge of ……………………….. assembled at …………….……… to commemorate the 324th anniversary of the victory at the Boyne, reaffirm our loyalty to the Throne and person of Her Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other realms, Defender of the Faith.

    Subject to the constitutional statutes that followed the Glorious Revolution of 1688, Her Majesty and Her successors will continue to occupy the throne. These same laws established the Protestant monarchy and an elected parliament that have served our nation well, for over 300 years. The multi cultural and multi faith United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and their interests, are best served by a Protestant monarchy.

    The Loyal Orange Institution of Scotland extends congratulations to Her Majesty on the birth of her grandson HRH Prince George of Cambridge.

    Her Majesty the Queen continues to be an exemplary monarch who has been a great example to us all. We acknowledge with pride her wonderful record of service to nation and commonwealth.

    As Her Majesty’s Loyal British Subjects and proud Protestant Scots, we reaffirm allegiance to our Sovereign.

    God Save the Queen! Long may she reign

    I beg to move the resolution on Loyalty.


    Brothers and Sisters as we celebrate the 324th Anniversary of the battle of the Boyne we are here today by virtue of our Protestant Heritage. A term often used when we face adversity and in times of uncertainty. We use it frequently in our organisation to support and defend our basic principles. However, do we really appreciate what it means?

    Heritage: inheritance, a legacy, a birthright, are just a few of the many words that brings to light the meaning of heritage. Most Orangemen and Orangewomen can trace their Orange connections to that of their parents, grand parents and further back. Our parental inheritance gave us the tangible, attributes to support and promote this great Institution of ours. However, whereas we can relate to our heritage in the first instance, as being by way of parental influence, our way of life and our true heritage i.e. the inspired Word of God, must be attributed to the History of Protestantism, that through the ages gave us Luther, Calvin, Knox, Wishart and others. Not withstanding our own dear Prince of Orange, whose authority allows us the privilege of celebrating our Protestant Culture and Heritage and the traditions we have established over the years.

    Brothers and Sisters when we talk of our Heritage and our Culture, it is these practices that are handed down from the past by tradition, succinctly put as "a heritage of freedom from tyranny and arbitrary power as prescribed by the Vatican”. Yes Brothers and Sisters a diktat from a church entangled in turmoil and scandal.

    As we reflect on our Protestant History let us pay homage to the founding fathers and to the 18000 or so Covenanters who suffered untold pain and suffering through torture and even unto death, so that we might enjoy Our Protestant Heritage.

    Let us therefore, pledge ourselves today to remain true to the authority and liberating power of the Gospel and to the heritage of faith and freedom won for us at great personal cost by our Protestant forefathers.

    I beg to move the resolution on Our Protestant Heritage


    As loyal subjects of the British Crown, committed to the preservation of the United Kingdom, we pledge ourselves to oppose all attempts to sever the legislative Union that binds us to our kith and kin in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Brothers and Sisters as British subjects we have a pride in values of Civil and Religious Liberty and free speech for everyone, even if we don’t agree with them. Our pride also stretches to our national institutions, the doctors and nurses of the NHS, the army, the navy and the Royal Air Force and of course the Monarchy. There is something about these institutions that makes them special; they all represent modern Britain and what we look and feel like today. Not only do they serve the country in diverse ways, they are made up of people from every corner of Britain, of different backgrounds, accents and qualities all of which can be considered as emblems of Britain at its best.

    A special occasion has the power to do more than just get us all watching television and while 2014 is a special year with the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games and the Centenary of the Great War, another momentous occasion is looming on the 18th September. For the Loyal Orange Institution the greatest debate of the age is whether the 1707 Act of Union is about to be untied, and Britain will divide.

    Every Orangeman and Orangewoman must surely recognise that our society has many divisions, inequalities and perhaps is even broken. However, when we look at our Britishness we can still find ties that bind, and connect our shared geography, history and culture. Our conception of the underlying values of what it means to be British must remain constant with the principles and objects of our Illustrious Institution. We must play our part and we must engage.

    Democracy is not just about politicians – it is about us, the Orange People and the wider Orange family. In the run up to the Referendum we can do vast amounts by giving just a few hours of voluntary service each week to the NO campaign. That means everyone becoming actively engaged. Our future security and prosperity is at stake. We have been part of a United Kingdom, for better or worse. We have had shared experiences and you cannot undo over 300 years of history. Scotland has survived within the Union, with its own legal system, educational system and cultural values.

    As a Loyalist Organisation we have a duty of care to preserve the Union.

    Scotland’s interests lie within the combined power and refuge of the United Kingdom. The British Union is our best option and we pledge ourselves to maintain it.
    I beg to move the resolution on the State of the Nation.

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    Independent Grand Orange Lodge 2014 Resolutions.

    By Kilsally,

    Independent Grand Orange Lodge 2014 Resolutions.
    Date: June 9, 2014


    We the members of the Independent Loyal Orange Institution assembled on the 324th anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, return thanks to Almighty God for his preservation and deliverance in times past and for those who have defended our civil and religious liberty. Once again we declare our steadfast loyalty to the British Throne and Constitution and re-affirm our continued resolve to support and defend the Protestant religion, the Laws of the Realm, the legislative Union and the succession to the Throne in the House of Windsor, it being Protestant. We thank the members of the royal family for their visits to Northern Ireland and look forward to many more in the future. We congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of HRH Prince George.

    In this year we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the commencement of World War 1 and 70th anniversary of “D” day landings and remember those who gave their lives in the defence of freedom and paid the supreme sacrifice in the service of their Queen and country. We pay tribute to all those who have served and continue to serve in Her Majesty’s forces.


    As an institution we believe in the divine authority and perpetual obligation of the Christian Sabbath. We reject Sabbath desecration at all levels of society and call upon the protestant people to remember their heritage and the God of their fathers by honouring the Lord ’s Day. We deplore the decision of UEFA to schedule fixtures on the Sabbath day, a day that should be reserved for worship and rest.


    In this the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Knox and the 480th anniversary of John Calvin severing all ties with the papacy we continue to stand with the martyrs and reformers,Ridley and Latimer in declaring the bible alone, grace alone ,faith alone and Christ alone as the tenets of our faith.

    RESOLUTION 4 – Social issues

    We, the members of the Independent Loyal Orange institution remain deeply concerned with the erosion of the institution of marriage as appointed by God and call upon the legislative assembly at Stormont to continue to ensure the legal definition of marriage in Northern Ireland is preserved and maintained.

    RESOLUTION 5 – Constitution

    The Independent Loyal Orange Institution has been constitutionally unionist and democratic in its structures and beliefs.

    This year we celebrate the 325th anniversary of the coronation of William and Mary as king and Queen of England.

    We return thanks to Almighty God for the principles of Orangeism and place on record our firm determination to continue the noble work begun by the pioneers of the Independent Loyal Orange Institution in 1903. While we wish to maintain our distinctiveness and our witness, we desire to continue the development of fraternal bonds of friendship within the Orange family. We believe that unity within the Orange family helps to defend and promote the Protestant religion, the Union with Great Britain, and our right to celebrate our rich heritage and culture. Our motto as ever is,


    God save Our Queen

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    Orange Order donate £30,000 to The Christian Institute

    By Kilsally,

    Grand Master's appeal raises funds for Christian charity
    Friday, June 13, 2014

    The Orange Institution has raised a total of £30,000 for a leading Christian charity.

    The money was raised by members in response to the biennial Grand Master’s appeal, in aid of the Christian Institute.

    The non-denominational charity exists primarily to further and promote Christianity in the United Kingdom.

    The appeal was chosen personally by the Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Edward Stevenson.

    He said: “As a Christian based organisation, it is only appropriate that the Orange Institution should raise funds for such a worthwhile and cherished cause.

    “The Institute plays a vital role, particularly in an increasingly secular society, to uphold and protect the Christian values we hold so dear and are to be commended for their sterling work. We are indebted to them in their role as guardians of the Christian ethos.

    “I would also like to express my gratitude to the many private and district lodges, and indeed individual Orangemen, who have contributed to this appeal. Their generosity is endless, and is further evidence of the considerable efforts made by the Institution on behalf of local charities and good causes.”

    Callum Webster, Northern Ireland Officer for the Christian Institute, said: “We would like to thank the Orange Order for their generous gift to our work. We appreciate all the hard work undertaken in this fundraising endeavour. The amount raised is a fantastic sum and we are grateful for the kindness of all who have contributed to it.”

    Previous Grand Master appeals have raised substantial funds for a number of charities and projects including Action Cancer, Help for Heroes, Kidney Research, and the purchase of a mini bus for Orangemen in Togo, Africa.

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    Union 'poorer' without Scotland - Dr David Hume MBE

    By Kilsally,

    Union 'poorer' without Scotland - Dr David Hume MBE
    Sunday, May 18, 2014

    Scotland’s rightful place is within the United Kingdom, a leading Orangeman told a meeting in Paisley on Saturday.

    Dr David Hume, who is also a prominent representative of the Ulster Scots community, said that Ulster Scots and Orange members in Northern Ireland were watching with interest as the debate continues over the Scottish independence referendum.

    He said that over 100 years ago many thousands of Scottish men and women had supported unionists in their campaign against Home Rule for Ireland, and that a century later unionists in Ulster were standing by their friends in Scotland who support the Union.

    “We want Scotland to remain with us as part of the United Kingdom because we believe we have a better future together that way. We hope that the campaign for an independent Scotland does not succeed. We hope the people of Scotland say no to the proposal. The Union would be the poorer if Scotland were to leave the Union and Scotland would be the poorer,” he said.

    The Orange Order’s Director of Services told the Better Together rally in Paisley that he believed membership of the United Kingdom was better for everyone, irrespective of class, creed or colour.

    At an event in Glasgow on Friday evening an invited audience of Scottish Orange lodge representatives heard of plans by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland to develop two interpretive centres, at Belfast and Loughgall. The £3.6 million programme is funded by the European Union PEACE III fund, with additional support from the Orange Order itself.

    Dr Jonathan Mattison outlined that the plans were “unprecedented” in terms of their scale and outreach efforts across the whole community.

    He predicted that when the interpretive centres open in April next year they will offer “a unique and outstanding opportunity to learn more about one of the major traditions in Irish history”.

    He said those involved in delivering the project had been touched by the level of financial support from Orange lodges and supporters in Scotland to assist with the plans.

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