Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland Resolution 2013

    By Kilsally,

    Twelfth Resolutions 2013


    As members of the Loyal Orange Institution, we give thanks to Almighty God for the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, which are able to make men wise unto salvation, through faith in Jesus Christ.

    We praise The Lord for the proof of His divine love for man which the Bible contains and especially for what it tells us of His Son, our Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ.

    As we give thanks to God for the free access to Holy Scripture which we enjoy, we resolve to help and support, by our prayers and actions, Christians in other lands who are being persecuted for their faith. We further pray that all people everywhere will read the written Word of God and, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, come to saving faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.


    That we, the Orangemen assembled at …………………………………... in commemoration of the 323rd anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne do hereby reaffirm our devotion and loyalty to the Throne and Person of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Her other Realms, Defender of The Faith.

    We congratulate Her Majesty the Queen on the Diamond Jubilee of her Coronation and reflect on the outstanding example of service and dedication which she has given to our nation and to the nations of the British Commonwealth. We trust that she may long continue to reign over us.


    As proud citizens of the United Kingdom we support the display of the Union Flag on public buildings across the United Kingdom.

    We have been dismayed at attempts to undermine the Union and to dilute unionist identity at every opportunity. We look forward to a shared future where the Union Flag will be respected by all and our culture will be respected and celebrated, free from prejudice, hatred and intolerance.

    We reflect on the centenary year of the formation of Lord Carson’s Ulster Volunteers, a great many of whom were members of the Orange Institution, and who were determined to defend for themselves and their children their cherished position of equal citizenship in the United Kingdom. We give thanks to God that at a time of crisis, men and women were prepared to take a stand for civil and religious liberty.

    We reflect on the many attempts being made to undermine the traditional values of our society. As an Institution we affirm the firm and unwavering Biblical and Christian understanding of marriage as between one man and one woman, seek to uphold it and deplore all efforts to undermine it.

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    Independent Orange Order Resolutions 2013

    By Kilsally,

    We pay tribute to all those who are serving or have served in Her Majesty’s Forces in Afghanistan and other theatres of conflict, and in particular we remember with pride all those members of the crown forces who have paid the supreme sacrifice in the service of their Queen and country.


    As an institution we believe in the divine authority and perpetual obligation of the Christian Sabbath. We reject Sabbath desecration at all levels of society and call upon the Protestant people to remember their heritage and the God of their fathers by honouring the Lord’s day which has been set apart for worship and rest.


    In this the 375th anniversary of the signing of the national covenant and 370th anniversary of the drafting of the Westminster confession of faith, we reaffirm once again our unswerving attachment to Reformation Protestant principles. We stand with the Martyrs and Reformers in declaring the Bible alone, Grace alone, Faith alone and Christ alone as the tenets of that faith. convinced, that Scripture reveals everything that is necessary for faith and life.

    RESOLUTION 4 – Social issues,

    We, the members of the Independent Loyal Orange order remain deeply concerned with the erosion of the institution of marriage as appointed by God. It is disappointing to have a government at Westminster that continually disregards the voice of the majority of people in our land and calls upon the members of our legislative assembly at Stormont to continue to ensure they preserve the legal definition of marriage.

    RESOLUTION 5 – Constitution,

    The Independent Loyal Orange Institution has been constitutionally unionist and democratic in its structures and beliefs. This year we celebrate the 325th anniversary of the landing of William Prince of Orange at Brixham on November 5th under the banner of the “Protestant religion and liberties of England I will maintain”

    We return thanks to Almighty God for the principles of Orangeism and place on record our firm determination to continue the noble work begun by the pioneers of the Independent Loyal Orange Institution in 1903. While we wish to maintain our distinctiveness and our witness, we desire to continue the development of fraternal bonds of friendship within the Orange family. We believe that unity within the Orange family helps to defend and promote the Protestant religion, the Union with Great Britain, and our right to celebrate our rich heritage and culture.

    Our motto as ever is,


    God Save Our Queen

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    By Orange123456,



    We the Sir Knights of the Royal Black Institution assembled with our families and friends re-affirm our faith in the Bible as the Word of God. Our Mission Statement reminds us that the Bible should be the rule and guide of our faith and practice.
    We call on all present to look to God in these difficult times and to put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us live according to His Word, being strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.
    We support the Take 5 Project that spells out the truths enshrined in the Five Solas of the Reformation: Scripture alone, grace alone, faith alone, Christ alone and the glory of God alone.


    We the Sir Knights of the Royal Black Institution are privileged to have celebrated this year the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
    Following on from last year's successful Diamond Jubilee, it has been a wonderful opportunity for us all to renew our loyalty to the monarchy.
    Her Majesty has led the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth over the past six decades with dedication and an unfailing sense of duty and service. Her Christian principles have been an example to everyone.
    Today, it is an honour to re-affirm our loyalty to our monarch.


    As Royal Black Sir Knights, we resolve to maintain our British identity which is founded on the teachings of Holy Scripture and the Christian faith re-discovered at the Reformation.
    The Union Flag is a key symbol in publicly displaying our Britishness and we call on our local and national governments and all the peoples of the United Kingdom to give our flag the respect and place to which it is entitled.
    We condemn the removal of the Union Flag from Belfast City Hall. Attacks on the Union Flag and our British culture must be opposed by all lawful means necessary, we continue to encourage our Sir Knights and friends within the Commonwealth to support us in our stand as we are proud to be British and make no apology for upholding our heritage.

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    The Twelfth 2013 - Details of all demonstrations

    By Kilsally,

    The Twelfth 2013

    THE UK City of Culture for 2013 will host a flagship Twelfth demonstration, the Orange Order has confirmed.

    The Twelfth in Londonderry has been chosen – in this a showcase year for the Maiden City – to provide an enhanced cultural experience as part of the biggest annual festival in Northern Ireland.

    Londonderry will stage one of 18 demonstrations planned across the Province on July 12, all of which follow the traditional Rossnowlagh parade held in the Republic on the preceding weekend.

    The flagship Twelfth in Londonderry marks the culmination of a series of free cultural events held in the city as part of the UK City of Culture celebrations. ‘A City Grand’ – which included an educational production for schoolchildren and lecture series - promoted Orangeism and its ethos to a wide and diverse audience.

    Orange Order Director of Services, Dr David Hume, said: "We are delighted that Londonderry will be the flagship tourist Twelfth of 2013 in what is a very special year for the city. The fact that this will be the only flagship of 2013 highlights the importance which the Grange Orange Lodge of Ireland places on the UK City of Culture status which has been accorded to Londonderry and Northern Ireland.

    "The organisers of the Twelfth in Londonderry are offering a varied festival and their demonstration takes place in one of the most historic venues in Ulster."

    "We are encouraging the Orange Twelfth hosts who will be trained to act as ambassadors for the event on the day to engage with local hoteliers and those involved in the tourist industry. We look forward to providing a training package for those who have agreed to be hosts."

    He added: "Twelfth flagship status places a great onus on the organisers of a particular Twelfth and we have every confidence that the officers and members of the City Grand Lodge in Londonderry will provide a fantastic event and wish them well in their planning."

    Tourism Minister Arlene Foster said: "The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland’s announcement that it is to host its flagship Twelfth demonstration in Londonderry as part of the UK City of Culture programme is welcome news.

    "This year offers unprecedented opportunities for tourism in the North West and I have no doubt that the flagship Twelfth demonstration will attract a large number of visitors to Londonderry. The flagship concept focuses on broadening the appeal of parades to attract a tourism audience and I know those involved in the demonstration will provide a varied and vibrant programme of events for visitors to enjoy.

    "I wish the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland every success with its preparations for the Twelfth."

    Chair of Culture Company 2013, Martin Bradley, said: "It’s fantastic that as Derry-Londonderry glories in its status as UK City of Culture the city is playing host to an extensive programme of Orange Order events.

    "Given that 2013 is such landmark year for the city, marking as it does the 400th anniversary of the granting of the city charter and the building of the city walls, it’s particularly fitting that Derry-Londonderry will be the location for key elements of the Orange Order’s flagship celebrations."

    City of Londonderry Grand Master, James Hetherington, said: "2013 marks an exciting and important year in the city of Londonderry when the first ever UK City of Culture is celebrated. We are determined that the Orange culture will be celebrated and showcased throughout the coming months, with our events culminating in the hosting of the 323rd Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne in Londonderry on July 12."

    Visitors from overseas are being encouraged to attend the only Twelfth demonstration held in the Republic of Ireland.

    This year’s Rossnowlagh Twelfth has been included in the tourism initiative - ‘The Gathering’ – which seeks to encourage those with Irish ancestry across the world to return to their homeland for a series of events throughout 2013.

    Tourists and newcomers are ensured of a warm welcome as they witness for themselves the colour and spectacle of a traditional Orange parade set against the magnificent backdrop of the rolling hills of Co Donegal and the Atlantic Ocean shoreline.

    The Twelfth in Donegal has been held in Rossnowlagh since the 1900s and has taken place there every year since 1978. It has become traditional to hold the parade on the Saturday before the main Twelfth parades. This means that lodges in the Republic are able to attend the later demonstrations in Northern Ireland.

    Attracting a large number of spectators, the Rossnowlagh Twelfth is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and minimal security presence.

    Approximately 50 lodges from the border counties of Donegal, Cavan, Leitrim and Monaghan, as well as visiting Orangemen from Dublin and Wicklow, Northern Ireland and further afield, will take part in the parade which begins close to St John’s Parish Church at 12 noon.

    Accompanied by a varied selection of marching bands, the main parade will then proceed along a narrow country road as it makes its way into the seaside village and onto the demonstration field, situated in close proximity to the beach.

    The religious service, which is due to commence at 3pm, will be conducted by the local Church of Ireland minister Rev Brian Russell. The sermon will be delivered by Rev Ron Johnstone, a Grand Chaplain of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

    Among the senior Orange brethren on the platform will be the County Donegal Grand Master David Mahon, who is also an Assistant Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

    During the religious service, the new banner of Doorin True Blues LOL 1148 will be formally dedicated. The banner – in memory of several deceased members – will be unfurled by a daughter of one of the brethren, Irene Huey, who is currently the most senior Orangewoman in the United States.

    The banner unfurling marks a busy year for the Co Donegal Lodge following the recent refurbishment of its Orange hall.

    Renovations are also underway at a number of other Orange halls in the border counties, including Ballintra and Manorcunningham.

    There are 44 Orange halls in Donegal, Cavan, Monaghan and Leitrim and the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has members in nine counties in the Republic.

    The three most senior Orangemen in the British Isles will be in attendance at the flagship Twelfth demonstration in Londonderry.

    Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Edward Stevenson; Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of England, Ron Bather; and the Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, Henry Dunbar, will all be on parade in the Maiden City as it revels in its showcase year as UK City of Culture for 2013.

    The 323rd anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne celebrations in the North West will provide a fitting finale to the Orange Order’s extensive programme of free cultural events marking Londonderry’s twelve months in the world spotlight.

    Upwards of 10,000 spectators are expected to enjoy the festivities with the numbers watching swelled by holidaymakers staying on the north coast, seeking to witness the spectacle of an Orange parade in the historic city.

    City of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge officers will be accompanied on parade with a new hand painted banner and will also wear new collarettes commemorating the city’s UK City of Culture status. The new regalia were dedicated at St Columb’s Cathedral on July 7.

    At 10am, senior Londonderry brethren – joined by the visiting Grand Masters – and members from two City of Londonderry Districts will parade from the headquarters of the City of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge (Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall) to their assembly point at May Street in the Waterside. The route of the morning parade will be Society Street, Bishop Street, Diamond, Ferryquay Street, Carlisle Road, Craigavon Bridge, Spencer Road, Clooney Terrace, Glendermott Road, Bonds Street and May Street.

    Approximately 60 lodges representing the districts of City of Londonderry, Raphoe (Co Donegal), Coleraine, Limavady, Macosquin and Claudy will participate in the main demonstration. Members of the Ladies Association and Junior Lodges will also take part in the parade. They will be accompanied by over 40 bands.

    King William and Mary will create an historic atmosphere in the city associated with the famous siege of 1688-1699 as they walk through the streets of Londonderry and lead the main procession.

    The main parade will depart from May Street at 12 noon sharp and proceed through the walled city via the Limavady Road, Dales Corner, Clooney Terrace, Spencer Road, Craigavon Bridge, Carlisle Road, Ferryquay Street, Diamond, Bishop Street, London Street, Hawkin Street, Kennedy Place, Kennedy Street, Wapping Lane, Craigavon Bridge, Spencer Road, Clooney Terrace, Glendermott Road, Bonds Street, May Street and Limavady Road, to the demonstration field at Wilton Park.

    The platform proceedings will be conducted by the City of Londonderry Grand Chaplain, Rev Ivan Dinsmore, and following the religious service, the main speaker will be the Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Edward Stevenson.

    The parade will leave the demonstration field at approximately 4.30pm.

    As part of the Flagship process, a number of “Welcome Hosts” will ensure that everyone attending the celebrations will be kept well informed as to what is happening on the day, especially those who are visiting the city for the first time. They will be moving around and through the crowds, offering advice and assistance, and distributing literature relevant to the day itself.

    The Twelfth demonstration marks the culmination of the City of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge’s UK City of Culture 2013 cultural programme, which commenced in April. The wide spectrum of events included a specially commissioned theatre-in-education production, The Billie Girl; a lecture series and a festival day at Willton Park.

    Large crowds are expected to converge in Magherafelt for the annual South Londonderry demonstration.

    The Mid-Ulster town is hosting the Twelfth for the first time since 2006.

    There will be a total of eight districts on parade – Castledawson, Magherafelt, Garvagh, Kilrea, Ballyronan, Tamlaght O’Crilly, Moneymore and Tobermore.

    Up to 60 bands will join with 2,000 Orangemen in parading the two-mile route, which moves off at 10.45am. All districts will assemble on the Tobermore Road and parade via Rainey Street, The Diamond and Queen Street, before proceeding to the demonstration field on the Moneymore Road.

    Platform proceedings are due to get underway at 2pm and will be led by Londonderry County Grand Master, Hugh Stewart. The senior Orangeman is also the District Master of host district, Magherafelt LOL No 3.

    The Orange Order’s Director of Services, Dr David Hume, will be the guest speaker.

    The County Armagh Twelfth demonstration is widely regarded as the largest gathering of Orangemen on the day and encompasses the full range of the Orange family.

    A total of 11 District Lodges will be on parade, representing 154 private Lodges and almost 5,000 brethren. In addition, ladies from the Women’s Institution will be present, along with several Junior Boys and Junior Girls Lodges.

    Approximately 80 bands of every type will accompany the Lodges with some of the best pipe, accordion, silver and flute bands in the Province stepping out on parade. Also, as the “County of the Diamond” is renowned for the Lambeg drum, dozens will be accompanying the brethren, especially if the weather is favourable.

    The Armagh demonstration typically attracts upwards of 20,000 spectators, with visitors from County Monaghan and County Cavan expected.

    There will be at least three new banners on parade for the first time this year, namely those being carried by Hamiltonsbawn LOL 47, Richhill District; Salters Grange LOL 36, Loughgall District; and Armaghbreague LOL 153, Newtownhamilton District.

    The County Armagh Twelfth goes round the Districts in an eleven-year cycle and this year it is the turn of Newtownhamilton District LOL No 9 in South Armagh to host the celebrations. This District Lodge has 10 private Lodges (including Knocknanin LOL 1158 in Co Monaghan) and over 300 brethren, with nine bands, and they have been planning for the big event for over a year. Led by their Worshipful District Master, Jim Copeland, who is also the County Grand Treasurer, the Newtownhamilton brethren are looking forward to hosting the parade for the first time since 2002. To mark the event, they have produced a special souvenir Twelfth booklet.

    Prior to the main proceedings of the day, the local brethren will hold a short Memorial Service and wreath laying at 8.45am in the King George VI Memorial Orange Hall to remember those brethren from the District murdered during the Troubles.

    The Lodges of the District will then move off from the Hall on Castleblaney Street at 9.15am and proceed to Newry Road, to await the arrival of the first of the visiting Districts from 9.30am onwards. The main parade, led by Synott’s True Blues Flute Band, is to commence at 10am, led by the County Grand Lodge Officers and visiting brethren.

    Newtownhamilton District will be followed by Richhill, Killylea, Keady, Portadown, Lurgan and Armagh Districts. The remaining Districts - Markethill, Bessbrook, Tandragee and Loughgall will parade as they arrive, and by 1pm, all Districts should be in the Demonstration Field.

    The parade route is: Newry Road – The Commons – Armagh Street – Castleblaney Street – Old Road - Demonstration Field. There are car parks provided close to the Demonstration Field and limited parking for persons with a disability at The Commons.

    The field is located off the Old Road, and all the usual stalls and food venders will be there, along with church tents selling tea and sandwiches. There will be activities for children and as always impromptu band and Lambeg drum rehearsals.

    The Chair will be taken at 1.45pm by the County Grand Master, Denis J Watson JP, and proceedings will commence with the traditional religious service, conducted by Rev Dr Alan McCann, County Grand Chaplain. The Act of Remembrance will be undertaken by Rev Maurice Laverty, Deputy County Grand Chaplains, and the address will be given by Rev Nigel Reid, Deputy Grand Chaplain, and Minister of Mountnorris and Tullyallen Presbyterian Church. During the proceedings, a collection will be taken up for this year's Grand Master's Charity Appeal, in aid of the Christian Institute.

    After the service, the Twelfth Resolutions will be proposed and passed. The platform proceedings will conclude with the customary Resolution of Thanks, introduced by the Deputy County Grand Master, Joseph Campbell, who will also present the County Shield for the Best Band on parade.

    The return parade is scheduled to leave the demonstration field at 3pm, with Lurgan District LOL No 6 being the first to leave. As is the tradition, the County Grand Lodge Officers and visitors will be accompanied at the head of the parade by the host District Lodge Officers. The parade route will be the reverse of the morning route and the County Officers will review the parade at an appropriate point.

    A number of pre-Twelfth activities have been organised this year, including a special “Songs of Praise” in 2nd Newtownhamilton Presbyterian Church on Tuesday 2 July at 8pm. A week later - on Tuesday 9 July at 7pm – a Family Fun Night will be held in the Demonstration Field, encompassing a “Past, Present and Future” theme.

    The County Fermanagh Twelfth is being held in the village of Ballinamallard, and is expected to attract large crowds – including many tourists - to the lakeland venue.

    Renowned for its relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere, the Twelfth demonstration encompassing the entire county will also play host to visiting lodges from the Republic, representing Donegal, Leitrim, Cavan and Monaghan.

    Southern brethren – who traditionally take pride of place at the front of the main parade – will join with 90 private lodges, members of the Association of Loyal Orangewomen and approximately 70 bands in one of the larger demonstrations across the Province.

    King William – in appropriate period costume – will head the parade and will be closely followed by the County standards, including the Memorial Bannerette, bearing the names of 31 members in Co Fermanagh murdered by terrorists, and now carried at the head of every County parade in their honour.

    A total of 15 Fermanagh Districts - Enniskillen, Kinawley, Florencecourt, Lisnarick, Pettigo, Magheraboy, Churchill, Maguiresbridge, Garrison, Tempo, Newtownbutler, Lisbellaw, Brookeborough, Lisnaskea and the host district, Ballinamallard – will be accompanied by a wide variety of impressive local marching bands, comprising every musical genre.

    Among the musical talent stepping out will be Brookeborough Flute Band, the winners of the Musican’s Merit (Group) Award at this year’s Orange Community Awards.

    The brethren of Cavanaleck LOL 623 will also have their new banner on parade at its first Twelfth, having been unfurled earlier this year.

    Lodges and bands will move off at 12.30pm from the assembly point on the Enniskillen Road before proceeding along the approximate one-mile route through the village to the demonstration field on the Makenny Road. The main proceedings will commence at 2.30pm.

    The religious service will be chaired by the most senior Orangeman in the county, Fermanagh County Grand Master Norman Johnston. The guest speaker will be Bro Rev Alan Irwin, Deputy Grand Lecturer of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

    County Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge has a growing reputation for hosting cross border groups at the Twelfth, and 2013 will be no different. Among the expected 10,000 spectators lining the parade route will be a group of ex-servicemen from the Irish Army, who are based in Cavan. As well as meeting with former military personnel from Fermanagh, the group will also learn more about Orange culture and heritage as part of their two-day trip to the county.

    A group of students from the United States – who are being hosted in Fermanagh as part of an exchange programme – are also expected to enjoy the colour and pageantry of the Ballinamallard parade.

    Meanwhile, the ranks of one local lodge will be swelled this year with the participation of visiting members of the Institution from Scotland. Dromard LOL 284 will be joined by brethren and sisters from Edinburgh and the Blantyre area.

    The Fermanagh village last hosted the county Twelfth celebrations in 2005.

    The 2013 Twelfth celebrations in the capital city will have extra special significance as the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast celebrates its 150th anniversary.

    As is traditional, the parade will leave Belfast Orange Hall, at Carlisle Circus, at 10am.

    The Millar Memorial Flute band will head the procession, leading County Grand Lodge officers and guests, as it makes its way along Clifton Street, Donegall Street, Royal Avenue, Castle Junction and Donegall Place to Belfast City Hall.

    A wreath laying ceremony will take place at the Cenotaph in the grounds of the City Hall as members of the Orange fraternity remember the sacrifice of those who served in two World Wars and in the line of duty throughout the Troubles.

    At approximately 10.40am and following the act of remembrance, Orangemen and women representing a total of nine districts – accompanied by approximately 70 bands - will then proceed via Donegall Square West, Bedford Street, Dublin Road, Shaftesbury Square, Bradbury Place, Lisburn Road, Balmoral Avenue and Malone Road to the demonstration field at Barnett Demesne.

    Thousands of spectators are expected to line the six-mile route, including many visitors from overseas, experiencing in person the colour and pageantry of the Belfast Twelfth.

    As part of this year’s Orangefest – an initiative of the County Grand Lodge of Belfast and Belfast City Centre Management - shops in the city centre will once again open at 12 noon when the parade has passed through the city. They will close at 5pm.

    The large crowds in attendance can also enjoy on-street entertainment and avail of a mini market, featuring cookery demonstrations by some of the Province’s best food producers, on the lawns of the City Hall.

    Platform proceedings are due to commence at 2.45pm and the chairman for the afternoon will be the Deputy County Grand Master, Spencer Beattie. Resolutions will be read by Belfast County Grand Master, George Chittick (enjoying his first Twelfth as the city’s most senior Orangeman) and Past Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Rev Martin Smyth.

    The parade is due to leave the field and proceed towards the city centre at 4.15pm.

    To mark its milestone year, Belfast County has produced an informative anniversary booklet recounting the history of the Loyal Institution in the city. In addition to hosting a formal dinner at Belfast City Hall, a commemorative plaque was also unveiled at Clifton Street Orange Hall in May.

    In a new initiative, the City Hall will be illuminated Orange and Purple as dusk settles over Belfast, offering a suitable visual backdrop against the landmark building to end this year’s Twelfth celebrations.

    The biggest Twelfth demonstration in Co Tyrone will take place in Castlecaulfield where as many as 40,000 spectators are expected to enjoy the festivities.

    Orangemen from seven districts – Killyman, Stewartstown, Cookstown, Castlecaulfield, Pomeroy, Coagh and Benburb – will take part in the parade. The Twelfth was last held in the south Tyrone village seven years ago.

    A total of 70 Lodges and over 50 bands – silver, accordion, pipe and flute – will participate in the annual gathering.

    However, the skirl of the bagpipes will be most prominent as the main parade will be led by a mass pipe band representing the host district - Castlecaulfield District LOL No 4. They will be followed by senior officers, the Co Tyrone Women’s Orange Lodge and the districts.

    The day will be a special one for Aughintober LOL 38, who will be carrying a new commemorative bannerette in memory of a former local lodge, Fort Edward Cavalry LOL 677. This lodge, based near Dungannon, was formed from a local Yeomanry unit in 1798. The new bannerette was unfurled in June by the Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Edward Stevenson.

    Also participating in the parade will be Cookstown Lodge, Montober LOL 661. Its brethren will be taking part in their first Twelfth demonstration since the murder of esteemed member, David Black. The prison officer was brutally killed by dissident republicans last November while travelling to his place of work. His untimely death brought to 337 the number of members of the Loyal Institution who have lost their lives as a result of terrorism since the outbreak of the Troubles.

    The parade will leave the assembly field on the Donaghmore Road at 12.30pm and proceed through the village via Drumreany Road, Main Street, Hillfoot Terrace and Reaskcor Road to the demonstration field.

    A religious service will include an address by Rev Mark Wilson. The guest speaker will be Jim Emery, County Tyrone Grand Master.

    Around 50 lodges and a similar number of bands will assemble at the foothill of the Sperrins for the Twelfth in Donemana.

    The west Tyrone village will host a total of six districts with lodges representing Sixmilecross, Fintona, Newtownstewart, Omagh, Killen and Strabane all on parade.

    Members of the Loyal Institution will be accompanied by a large number of pipe bands, which have a traditionally strong base in the area, as well as a selection of flute and accordion outfits.

    The main parade is due to leave the assembly field on the Longland Road at 12.30pm and proceed past Allen Park, down the Main Street via Lisnaragh Road before turning onto the Berryhill Road where the demonstration field is located.

    Among the platform party will be Strabane Worshipful District Master, Keith Buchanan and Sixmilecross District Master, David Black. A County Tyrone Deputy Grand Chaplain, Rev Jonathan Campbell, will lead the religious service.

    The guest speaker is County Tyrone Deputy Grand Master, Perry Reid.

    As part of the build-up to the Twelfth, Strabane District No 14 will hold a number of events. These include a charity cricket match at Donemana Cricket Club (9 July); a cultural evening, featuring various artists, at Donemana Orange Hall (10 July); and eleventh night celebrations at the local football pitches, incorporating a barbecue, bouncy castles and fireworks.

    Orangemen from Co Monaghan will travel across the border to participate in the annual Clogher Valley Twelfth.

    Southern brethren will join with approximately 25 lodges from two districts – Fivemiletown and Annahoe – and a similar number of bands for the close-knit demonstration, held this year in Augher.

    The parade takes place in a landmark year for the small host village which is celebrating the 400th anniversary of receiving the Royal Charter in 1613.

    Led by visiting Monaghan lodges, the parade will leave from the assembly point of Favour Royal Road, moving off at 12.30pm, and proceed via the Main Street to the demonstration field on the Clogher Road.

    A number of high profile local bands traditionally take part in the south Tyrone demonstration, including Murley Silver Band from Fivemiletown and Roughan Silver Band from outside Augher. Also participating will be Glenageeragh Pipe Band, who will provide a distinctive sound as one of only three existing Brian Boru pipe bands in Northern Ireland today.

    District officers from both Fivemiletown and Annahoe will be present on the platform for the religious service.

    The main speaker is Rev Raymond Robinson, a practicing minister in Co Fermanagh who is originally from the area and also a County Tyrone Deputy Grand Chaplain.

    The return parade is due to move off from the demonstration field at 4pm.

    Thousands of people are expected to attend the Twelfth in North Down, an area steeped in Orange history.

    The Duke of Schomberg – King William’s second-in-command – along with his army arrived in nearby Groomsport to pave the way for King William III to cross the sea from England ahead of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

    King William himself will be in attendance at the popular seaside resort as the North Irish Dragoon Society Equestrian re-enactors, dressed in period costume, bring history to life as part of the North Down Combine demonstration. William will do battle with his old adversary, King James, at the head of the parade providing a unique spectacle to the many onlookers.

    Approximately 40 lodges – representing Newtownards, Holywood, Upper Ards and Bangor Districts – will be on parade accompanied by a similar number of marching bands.

    Prior to the main procession, members of Bangor District will participate in a short parade through the town centre, leaving the Orange hall on Main Street at 10.30am. Brethren will then make their way to Ward Arras where they will meet with the other three districts for the main parade.

    At noon, the procession – led by Newtownards District – will move off from the Gransha Road and parade the three-mile route via Castle Street, Hamilton Road, Savoy Corner, High Donaghadee Road, High Street, Abbey Street, Newtownards Road and Abbeyhill Drive to the Valentine playing fields.

    The guest speaker at the demonstration field will be the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Rev Alastair Smyth.

    Among the participants on the day will also be Jim Todd, a past Grand Master of the Orange Institution in Australia.

    A collection will be taken along the parade route and at the field in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care.

    Members of the Orange Institution will follow in the footsteps of King William when they parade to the demonstration field in Loughbrickland.

    Over three centuries ago, the Co Down venue was the rendezvous point for King William’s troops who had dispersed in winter quarters on their way to the Battle of the Boyne. A large stone marks the Army’s camp location on the outskirts of the village.

    Upwards of 100 lodges and 80 bands are expected to take part in the demonstration, which is typically one of the larger parades in the Province.

    Eight districts will be on parade – Lower Iveagh, Rathfriland, Banbridge, Lower Iveagh West, Bann Valley, Gilford, Newry and Loughbrickland.

    Orangemen, joined by members of the Ladies Association and Juniors, will leave the assembly field on the Legananny Road at 12 noon and parade through the village via Scarva Street, Main Street and Dublin Road, under the A1 dual carriageway, to the demonstration field on the Grovehill Road.

    Among the dignitaries on parade will be African Orangeman Foli Bruce, who is a former Grand Secretary of the Loyal Orange Lodge of Togo.

    He will be joined on the platform by Drew Nelson, Grand Secretary of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, and Samuel Walker, Deputy County Grand Master of County Down, and other senior district officers.

    The many Orange banners adding much colour to the procession will include Loughbrickland’s new district bannerette. It is painted in memory of local Orangeman Graeme Kilpatrick, who died in a tragic farm accident last year.

    A special tribute by Drumlough Heroes LOL 153 (Rathfriland) marking the centenary last year of the sinking of the Titanic will also be on display. Their bannerette was painted in honour of a Past Master of the Lodge – Thomas Rowan Morrow – who was the only third class passenger from Ulster to perish onboard the famous vessel in 1912. The south Down Lodge won the Best New Banner Award at this year’s Orange Community Awards.

    The parade marks the culmination of the Twelfth celebrations in the village following a week-long community festival.

    The activities – organised by the Loughbrickland and District Rural Development Association – commence with a Grand Fete, including a fireworks display, in the demonstration field on July 6.

    Other events include a treasure hunt, a historical re-enactment, a workshop looking at the influence of Scottish settlers in the area and an open air Songs of Praise.

    The return parade, following the religious service, is due to leave the field at 4pm and will proceed via the Dublin Road and Main Street to the Banbridge Road prior to dispersal.

    The Twelfth was last held in Loughbrickland in 2005.

    The south Down coastal venue of Dundrum will stage a picturesque Twelfth parade for the first time in over 10 years.

    The village – which last hosted such a demonstration in 2002 – is expected to attract large crowds in excess of 8,000 people, both participating and spectating.

    Almost 70 lodges and 40 bands will take part in the celebrations.

    A total of five districts will be represented – Comber, Saintfield, Lecale, Ballynahinch and Castlewellan.

    The procession will move off from the assembly field at 12.15pm headed by the host district - Castlewellan District LOL No 12 - and County Officers, who will be followed by brethren and sisters from the other districts on parade.

    The parade – incorporating a two-mile route - will proceed through the village via Main Street, leading to the demonstration field at the Old Road (Newcastle side).

    A religious service will be held at 2pm, where the guest speaker will be County Down Grand Master, Victor Harrison.

    Ahead of the Twelfth demonstration, Castlewellan District will host a ‘Fun Night’ at Dundrum Orange Hall on Wednesday 10 July. The family orientated event, which commences at 7.30pm, will include an exhibition, food and music.

    The stunning backdrop of the Mourne Mountains and the Irish Sea provide the perfect setting for this year’s Twelfth parade in Annalong.

    One thousand Orangemen from the Mournes – representing the largest district in the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland – will step out in the Co Down seaside village.

    Despite being one of the smaller demonstrations, Mourne District can also lay claim to the biggest individual private lodge on parade, with Ballyvea LOL 343a boasting 148 members.

    Fourteen of the 15 Lodges will be accompanied by their own bands, adding to the family atmosphere on the day.

    Kilkeel Lodges will leave Kilkeel Orange Hall at 10.45am and walk the five-mile route to Annalong. They will meet their fellow brethren near Anthonys Road (outside Ballymartin) at 11.30am, before the entire District parades through Annalong to the demonstration field.

    Following refreshments, the platform proceedings are due to commence at 2.15pm. The guest speaker will be Rev Bobbie Stevenson, a Presbyterian Minister and member of Mourne District.

    Both Derryogue LOL 424 and Ballymageogh LOL 1036 will have new banners on display. Members of Cranfield LOL 907 will also be carrying their banner – marking the local area’s links to the Second World War – which received a runner-up award at the Orange Community Awards earlier this year.

    The District will leave to commence the homeward parade at 4pm.

    Annalong is hosting a Twelfth demonstration for the first time since 2009.

    Glengormley has the privilege of hosting the East Antrim Combine Twelfth this year for the first time in a decade.

    Large crowds are expected to descend on the Co Antrim venue which will witness the colour and pageantry of one of the bigger demonstrations outside of Belfast.

    A total of nine district lodges, encompassing approximately 70 private lodges and 8,000 members, will participate in the main parade. Adding to the spectacle will be 60 marching bands.

    Districts represented on the day will be Larne, Randalstown, Staffordstown, Killead, Antrim, Sixmilewater, Carrickfergus, Cloughfern and Carnmoney.

    The main procession is due to commence at 11am from the starting point of the Ballyhenry/Manse Road roundabout.

    Led by the Blackskull Fife and Drum Corps from Glasgow – followed by brethren from host district Carnmoney No 25 - the parade will proceed through the village via Ballyclare Road, Burnthill Road, Queen’s Drive, Queen’s Avenue, Queen’s Park, Ballyclare Road, Antrim Road to the demonstration field at Valley Park on the O’Neill Road.

    As part of the procession, Orangemen and women, and band members, will pass under the Orange arch in the centre of the village which this year marks its 30th anniversary. As is traditional, the arch was officially opened at the annual mini-Twelfth held in Glengormley in late June.

    The religious service will be conducted by Rev David McCarthy, a deputy grand chaplain of County Antrim Grand Orange Lodge. Among the senior Orangemen on the platform will be County Antrim Grand Secretary, William Thompson.

    The return parade is due to leave the Valley Park at 3.30pm, with districts taking a more direct route via the Antrim Road and Ballyclare Road.

    The past Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Robert Saulters, will join the 30 lodges from the district as they take part in the annual Twelfth in Ballymena.

    The town is the only one in Northern Ireland which has a Twelfth demonstration every year.

    The lodges and about 15 bands will assemble on Waveney Road at 12.30pm and parade the traditional route through the town via Galgorm Road, the Pentagon, Lower Mill Street, Wellington Street, Ballymoney Street, William Street, Broughshane Street, Church Street, Bridge Street, Harryville Bridge, Larne Street, Larne Road, Wakehurst Road and Antrim Road to the demonstration field at Ballee playing fields.

    There are about 1,000 Orangemen in the district and the parade this year is being hosted by the members of Dunnygarron Temperance LOL 960.

    Brethren from Kellswater LOL 453 will carry their new banner through the Co Antrim town for the first time as part of the Twelfth festivities.

    The religious service at 3pm will be conducted by Rev Victor Ryan, and then Mr Saulters will address the crowd.

    There is always a strong Scottish presence in Ballymena for the Twelfth and this year past Grand Master, Iain Wilson, will be in attendance.

    The South Antrim Combine demonstration this year takes place in the suburbs of the city of Lisburn as brethren from Magheragall District host a Twelfth for the first time since 2006.

    A total of seven districts – totaling more than 70 individual lodges - will participate in the parade, led by Magheragall and followed by Ballinderry, Derriaghy, Lisburn, Hillsborough, Aghalee and Glenavy.

    Orangemen and women will be accompanied by approximately 30 bands for the colourful occasion which usually attracts a large crowd of spectators.

    The main parade will move off from Enterprise Crescent at 11.30am, and proceed along the Ballinderry Road to the junction with the Knockmore Road, and continue along the Ballinderry Road to the demonstration field on the corner of the Lissue Road/Ballinderry Road.

    The guest speaker as part of the religious service will be the Rev Stanley Gamble, a Grand Chaplain of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

    The return parade is due to commence at 4.30pm, and will proceed along the Ballinderry Road to the Knockmore Road, where it will then disperse.

    Members of Lisburn District will most likely proceed along the Ballinderry Road, returning to the city centre.

    The quaint coastal village of Carnlough will host one of the smallest Twelfth demonstrations for the first time in six years.

    The Braid Twelfth – traditionally held on a rotational basis between this year’s venue, Broughshane and Glenarm – features up to 400 Orangemen, representing a total of 11 Districts.

    Nine bands and Lambeg drummers will entertain the expected large crowds, which typically includes many visitors and tourists, who are staying in the area.

    The main parade is scheduled to start at 12 noon and those participating will parade from the assembly point on the South Bay, through the village to the demonstration field on the Largy Road.

    The guest speaker will be the Grand Treasurer of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Jack Greenald. The religious sermon will be delivered by County Antrim Grand Chaplain, Rev Ian McClean.

    The distinctive and unique sound of the Lambeg drum will be very apparent at this year’s Triangle Combine Parade, held in Ahoghill.

    The Co Antrim village, outside Ballymena, is expected to play host to the largest contingent of the acoustic instrument on parade throughout the Province, with impromptu drumming sessions adding to the carnival atmosphere.

    A total of 16 lodges – accompanied by nine bands – will take part in the close-knit demonstration, which is held on other years in Cullybackey and Portglenone.

    The main parade is due to commence from the Galgorm Road (main Ballymena line)/ Killane Road junction at 12.30pm, and then proceed towards the village centre via the Portglenone line, Glebe Road, Church Street, through the Diamond area to the Village Playing Fields on the Cullybackey Road.

    The guest speakers will be Rev Sherrard McKay, chaplain of Cullybackey District, and William Moody, local minister of Brookside Presbyterian Church.

    As part of this year’s Twelfth celebrations, members of Ahoghill District have organised their own “Orangefest”. An Ulster Scots variety concert will take place prior to the platform proceedings. Diamond Dan will also be in attendance at the field, as well as various forms of children’s entertainment.

    The highlight of the event will be an historical photographic and video exhibition showcasing local Orange culture and heritage.

    Over 40 lodges representing five districts – Rasharkin, Bushmills, Ballycastle, Ballymoney and Cloughmills – will take part in the North Antrim demonstration which is being held in Rasharkin this year.

    There will be a rich variety of music on parade, with 26 bands encompassing the accordion, flute and pipe genres accompanied by a number of Lambeg drums.

    The parade – involving up to 2,000 participants - will assemble on the Finvoy Road and set off at 1pm through the village via Main Street and Church Road to the demonstration field at Church Lane.

    There, a religious service will be held when the guest speaker will be Rev Mervyn Gibson, a Grand Chaplain of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

    The provision of stalls, hot and cold food counters, together with bouncy castles will add to the family-friendly atmosphere.

    The Twelfth is held in Rasharkin every five years and a large crowd is expected at the North Antrim venue as the parade makes its way along the three-mile route.

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