Independent Loyal Orange Institution Resolutions 2013

    By Kilsally,

    Independent Loyal Orange Institution Resolutions 2013


    We the members of the Independent Loyal Orange Institution assembled on the 323rd anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, return thanks to Almighty God for his preservation and deliverance in times past and for those who have defended our civil and religious liberty. Once again we declare our steadfast loyalty to the British Throne and Constitution and re-affirm our continued resolve to support and defend the Protestant religion, the Laws of the Realm, the legislative Union and the succession to the Throne in the House of Windsor, it being Protestant.

    We congratulate her majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd, on celebrating the Diamond jubilee of her coronation this year; we pay tribute for the sterling leadership she has given us over all those years and wish her many more years of health and strength to reign over us.

    We pay tribute to all those who are serving or have served in Her Majesty’s Forces in Afghanistan and other theatres of conflict, and in particular we remember with pride all those members of the crown forces who have paid the supreme sacrifice in the service of their Queen and country.


    As an institution we believe in the divine authority and perpetual obligation of the Christian Sabbath. We reject Sabbath desecration at all levels of society and call upon the Protestant people to remember their heritage and the God of their fathers by honouring the Lord’s day which has been set apart for worship and rest.


    In this the 375th anniversary of the signing of the national covenant and 370th anniversary of the drafting of the Westminster confession of faith, we reaffirm once again our unswerving attachment to Reformation Protestant principles. We stand with the Martyrs and Reformers in declaring the Bible alone, Grace alone, Faith alone and Christ alone as the tenets of that faith. convinced, that Scripture reveals everything that is necessary for faith and life.

    RESOLUTION 4 – Social issues,

    We, the members of the Independent Loyal Orange order remain deeply concerned with the erosion of the institution of marriage as appointed by God. It is disappointing to have a government at Westminster that continually disregards the voice of the majority of people in our land and calls upon the members of our legislative assembly at Stormont to continue to ensure they preserve the legal definition of marriage.

    RESOLUTION 5 – Constitution,

    The Independent Loyal Orange Institution has been constitutionally unionist and democratic in its structures and beliefs. This year we celebrate the 325th anniversary of the landing of William Prince of Orange at Brixham on November 5th under the banner of the “Protestant religion and liberties of England I will maintain”

    We return thanks to Almighty God for the principles of Orangeism and place on record our firm determination to continue the noble work begun by the pioneers of the Independent Loyal Orange Institution in 1903. While we wish to maintain our distinctiveness and our witness, we desire to continue the development of fraternal bonds of friendship within the Orange family. We believe that unity within the Orange family helps to defend and promote the Protestant religion, the Union with Great Britain, and our right to celebrate our rich heritage and culture.

    Our motto as ever is,

    God Save Our Queen

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    Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland Resolutions 2013

    By Kilsally,

    Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland Resolutions 2013


    We, the Orangemen and women of the County Grand Lodge of …………….. assembled at ………… to commemorate the 322nd anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, reaffirm our loyalty to the Throne and person of Her Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other realms, Defender of the Faith.

    Her Majesty occupies the throne subject to the constitutional statutes that followed the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and conditional upon the bargain made between the peoples of these islands and the Prince of Orange. These laws established a Protestant monarchy and democratic parliament that have served this nation well for over 300 years. Our present multi-faith and multi-cultural society benefits from the legacy of civil and religious liberty with open-mindedness that began with William of Orange. This United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the interests of all its people of whatever faith is best served by a Protestant monarchy and we give an assurance that we will resist by all lawful means any and all attempts to alter the British Constitution that put these prized liberties at risk.

    Her Majesty the Queen is a commendable sovereign who has been a shining example to us all for over 60 years. In this her Coronation year we acknowledge with humility her magnificent record of service to nation and commonwealth and her influence worldwide.

    God Save the Queen! Long may she reign

    I beg to move the resolution on Loyalty.


    As a Protestant fraternity, we in the Loyal Orange Institution are inheritors of the faith and freedom won for us at great cost by our Reformation and Covenanting forebears. Protestants agree that the Word of God is authoritative in matters of faith. The chief characteristics of original Protestantism were the acceptance of the Bible as the only source of infallible revealed truth and the principle that a Christian is justified in his relationship to God by faith alone, not by good works or dispensations of the church. 530 years ago saw the birth of that great reformer, Martin Luther. Some 26 years later another of our great reformers, John Calvin was born. We acknowledge our debt to their faith, their courage and their determination to bring about theological changes. It was they, who challenged papal authority and questioned the Catholic Church’s ability to define Christian practice. Their work inspired others to go forth and preach the infallible word of God. Men like John Knox, who turned back the tide of spiritual darkness in Scotland and set our nation alight in the cause of Reform and the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    We have been left a legacy, a Reformation Legacy. A legacy that gave us deep and lasting political and religious change. However these came at a great cost with decades of rebellions, wars and bloody persecutions. We therefore, honour also, the conviction and valour of the men and women of the Covenant, who faced discrimination, adversity and paid the ultimate sacrifice, rather than surrender to a compulsory state religion.
    In the ever increasing secular society we live in today, we call upon our national church to speak with much greater transparency and influence for the Protestant people of Scotland. We call upon the Kirk to return to the faithful preaching of the Word of God that once defined the greatness of our nation.

    I beg to move the resolution on Our Protestant Heritage.

    Government’s legislative programme will continue to focus on building a stronger economy so that the United Kingdom can compete and succeed in the world.
    It will also work to promote a fairer society that rewards people who work hard. Government is also committed to building an economy where people who work hard are properly rewarded. Government is committed to a fairer society where aspiration and responsibility are rewarded.
    These are some of the government’s aims and objectives for the United Kingdom as a whole announced on the 8th May as her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen addressed both houses in her annual Queen’s Speech. She also referred to Scotland within the United Kingdom.
    Before the end of 2014 people in Scotland will take one of the most important decisions in the history of Scotland and the whole of the United Kingdom whether to stay in the United Kingdom or leave and become a new, separate and independent State. The UK Government, along with many others, believes that both Scotland and the UK are better served by maintaining their partnership. A strong Scotland is good for the whole of the UK, and being part of a strong UK is good for Scotland. She finished with“My Government will continue to make the case for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom.”
    Her Majesty was crowned Queen on 2nd June 1953 and on her 60th Anniversary we, as loyal subjects of the British Crown, committed to the maintenance of the United Kingdom, pledge ourselves to oppose all attempts to sever the union that binds us to our nearest and dearest in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
    The global economic crisis of the past few years has proven beyond all doubt that Scotland’s best interests are served within the combined might and protection of the United Kingdom. Alex Salmond would have the people of Scotland believe that we would be better off as an independent state. So once and for all lets get the message to him that the British Union is here to stay and we pledge ourselves to maintain it.
    As United we stand - divided we fall.

    I beg to move the resolution on the State of the Nation.

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    Orange Order on YouTube

    By Jackie,

    Orange Order on YouTube

    Hard on the heels of the Scottish Institution's referendum campaign website,, and the upgrade of the Grand Lodge website, word that the Irish Institution now has its own official channel on YouTube.

    The new channel made its appearance at the turn of the year when a New Year message from the Grand Master, Bro Edward Stevenson, was posted along with archive footage of The Boyne Tercentenary.

    It is intended that flagship events such as the Twelfth and other major celebrations will be posted, and lodges are also being invited to submit their own videos for consideration. Bryan Gray, Media & Communications Officer to the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland,

    said the move was a natural progression following the Order's entry onto the Twitter and Facebook social media sites. He added: "More people than ever are aware of the Orange Order's activities on a daily basis and that can only be of benefit to the organisation moving forward."

    Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland Youtube Channel

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    Order apologises and pledges a review of bands

    By Kilsally,

    Order apologises and pledges a review of bands
    The Orange Lodge of Ireland's Dr David Hume director of services. picture Mark Marlow/pacemaker press
    Published on Tuesday 2 October 2012 08:57

    THE Orange Order’s director of services, Dr David Hume, has said the selection of bands to accompany lodges will be one of the issues they look at as they review last weekend’s massive Covenant parade.

    On Monday, Grand Secretary Drew Nelson apologised on behalf of the Institution after a photograph emerged of a bandsman urinating against an unused gateway of St Matthew’s Catholic church on the Newtownards Road in Belfast.

    And Belfast County Grand chaplain the Rev Mervyn Gibson visited St Matthew’s yesterday to apologise for the band member’s behaviour, which Mr Nelson had described as “outrageous and unacceptable”.

    Mr Gibson said he would follow up his visit with a letter to be read out to the congregation of St Matthew’s expressing regret.

    Dr Hume told the News Letter that overall the institution was very pleased with how the day had gone notwithstanding a few incidents.

    “We are saying that it was a very, very positive day, with all such events, whether they are large rock concerts or football matches, there will always be some things that will cause problems,” he said.

    “In our view there were a few minor incidents that we were aware of but with the scale of the gathering everybody that I saw conducted themselves with dignity. As someone who helped organise the Stormont event I was very, very proud of all those who came through. I thought it was a tremendous day and one that we can be very proud of.”

    However, he said the Orange Order will be reviewing how the whole event went and are currently investigating the incident concerning the bandsman.

    “We’ll be expecting to meet representatives of the district and the band once we can clarify for sure which band it was,” he said.

    “It was unacceptable, nobody would like that sort of behaviour regardless of what side of the community they come from. A lot of effort and cost went into making sure there were portable toilets along the route in association with Belfast City Council. So there really is no excuse.”

    Dr Hume said the numbers who turned out – estimated to be up to 80,000 brethren, bands and supporters – showed that people were still very passionate about the Loyal Orders.

    “The numbers were far in excess of any Twelfth demonstration, the parade took four hours and 10 minutes to pass a given point so that was a massive number of people,” he said. “I was told by someone who was at the 1962 event on the 50th anniversary that this was much bigger than that.

    “The numbers were much bigger than we anticipated. I think that part of that was the issue over Donegall Street and the fact that people feel that every step of the way there is an attempt to erode their culture, and I feel this was the response to the Parades Commission and to others they see as trying to erode their culture and their heritage.

    “I believe that’s a big factor in why there was such a large turnout of people. People connected with the Loyal Orders really have just had enough.

    “They feel goalposts are moved, issues are promoted and that the Parades Commission does its level best to stymie our culture.

    “Those who think that the Loyal Orders in general and the Orange Order in particular are in decline, I think that is the answer to them.

    “To look at the scale of Saturday, look at the numbers of people and also to look at the age range of people involved. And not only the Loyal Orders but the bands community as well, there was at least 200 bands on parade,

    “I think it was an awesome reflection of the culture of the unionist and Protestant community.”

    Dr Hume also said that he was surprised to hear of a placard on the Newtownards Road which claimed the loyalist residents did not want to hear hymns.

    “This is an organisation which is a faith-based organisation, so there would be nothing expected more than hymns to be played,” he said.

    “People need to understand that the Orange Order is an organisation which is faith-based. Placards that say we don’t want to hear hymns – I find that strange.”

    See Tuesday’s News Letter for full story

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